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Baby Bird- Need some advie

We have had a baby bird that has been in our roof/patio for a few weeks now and now has fallen out. What should we do? Any suggestions would be so helpful.


Julie Jordan


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Baby Bird

I would contact Dr. Cindy the mobile vet in RM.....354-8584.
She would probably know what to do with the bird.  :)

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Wildlife Care Association

The Wildlife Care Association can be reached at  965-WILD. Their volunteers are trained to work with wildlife and they take in thousands of orphaned and injured animals each year.

This is some of the information WCA offers on its web site, www.wildlifecareassociation.com, about what to do when you find a bird:

Downy/Incompletely Feathered (Nestling) Birds: These are older birds, not quite ready to fly. Find the nest and place the young back in it. If you are unable to find the nest the bird should be taken to a rehabilitator as soon as possible. If the bird is replaced in the nest, watch to see that the parent bird returns. If the parent does not return, the nestling is injured, have had contact with a cat or dog, and/or you cannot place the young bird back in the nest, call a wildlife rehabilitator immediately. 

Fully Feathered (Fledglings) Birds: These birds are completely feathered, can hop about, and may be able to flutter or fly short distances. Leave them alone unless they are being attacked by a dog or cat. This stage of life is a natural part of a bird's training and development. The parents keep track of their young, protect them, and feed them. They should be left on he ground (to be fed and protected by their parents) unless they are injured or in imminent danger. 

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Hi Jacque, I actually called

Hi Jacque,

I actually called her yesterday and there was a message saying that she is unavailable due to a family emergency and would not be taking any calls/appts. We were actually able to put it back up in it's nest last night.

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the suggestions....UPDATE on the bird- My husband was able to put it back up into it's nest, we did hear it chirp the other day, so I'm assuming it's ok.

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