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Bald eagles?

We're well into what has been the season for spotting bald eagles in Rancho Murieta, but so far this winter no one has reported a sighting.  Have you seen one?


This is a shot by neighbor Peggy DeMello from 2010, a season when it appeared there were at least three bald eagles wintering in RM.

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Yes, unless turkey vultures have white heads.

Two days ago, at the Chesbro end of Rancho Murieta North Road, flying circles over the field on the corner. I pulled over to watch to be sure I was seeing what I thought I saw. Two of them. White heads and beautiful.  

(I really thought maybe it was a turkey vulture, but when I look at photos of the vultures, not one has a white head). So, yes, I've seen two of them.  

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Yes, Eagles are Out there

One flew right in front of us while we were walking around Chesbro 2 weekends ago.  It had been perched near Karen's townhouse. 

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Bald Eagles are back!!!

Yes!  Two days ago, a big, beautiful bald eagle flew past me on my morning walk around Lake Calero.  I watched him fly across the lake and land in a tree.  As I passed that tree several minutes later, my hunch that it was a bald eagle was confirmed when I saw him up close.  He was so much bigger than the juvenile I saw last year!  I mentioned to a fellow walker to keep her eyes out for him, and she mentioned that her husband recently had the joy of watching a bald eagle dive into Lake Calero after a fish!  She believes they have a nest in a tree around Lake Clementia.  

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Bald Eagles

Playing 9 on the south today and observed four Eagles circling overhead. Awesome!!!

Bill McCarver

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An eagle at Clementia

I took this while walking through the Clementia parking lot around noon today.

Bald eagle

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F-15 Strike Eagle

Yup. I think I had me an encounter off of Scott Road over by one of them marshes.  

I noticed someone pulled off the side of the road to admiring it.  

Don't know for absoulute sure but, I can't think of too many other birds I might mistaken for a Bald freek'en Eagle!

 Pretty sweet!



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A pair of eagles at the nest

Pair of eagles

I did get a couple of photos over the weekend. Both show the nest plus the pair of eagles. Talked to some over the weekend you indicated they have seen four at one time. Getting to be a crowd.

Jeff & Susie Birchard

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Eagles Nest

Great photos!  Jeff, where is the nest?  

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Don't post location


Just a caution, if you've been in RM long enough, you know we have a few teen problems.  Truthfully if it was me, I would not post where you found the eagles' nest.

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