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Barrett Services Heating & AC

Our AC went out we called Josh and he got back to us right away. He installed a new AC unit for us. Josh is very reasonably priced. He does a good job and gets it done when he says he is going to. If I had heating or AC issures I would call Barrett Services. I highly recommend him.


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Josh Barrett Services

We also recently had a need for Josh's services and we are very happy with the results. He was timely, reasonably priced and communicated well. Hopefully we will not need him again anytime soon, but he will be our first choice.

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Barrett Service Heating and AC

We have also used Josh for our heat pump/ ac maintence. He did a great job for us. We did not need any major repairs just a check up and a modern tempture controller.


Bruce Cann

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We too have used Josh to

We too have used Josh to repair our HVAC.  Timely response at a fair price.  Josh is the man.

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happy customers

Josh replaced our AC unit and furnace, excellent service and price, went the extra mile to complete the job, would highly recommend him.

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Barrett Services

If you are in need of a Heat Pump repair or tuneup or a water heater replacement I highly recommend Josh Barrett. He is very professional and in our case found and repaired a problem that had existed for several years. After our service and repairs I discovered that two of our neighbors had also used Josh and were just as pleased as we were with his service.

David Fields

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