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Barrett Services for Heating and AC- Fabulous!

Recently our furnace went on the blink. Just 16 years old and operates on propane.  Our home has two furnaces, so when one went out, the other one on the other side of the house had to work twice as hard, but at least we had heat while we worked our way through our Home Warranty Protection company's list of service providers.  Boy does it pay to get a second opinion. The first company we had out felt certain we were going to need a new furnace, that the heat exchanger had a crack in it, although he could not really see a crack, and then as he kept talking, he also thought we should consider replacing the AC unit along with the furnace, etc. The estimate was around $9,000. Yikes! Of course our Home Warranty Protection conmpany would only approve $1500 for this replacement.   We told him we planned to get a second opinion and called our friends for a referral. They highly recommended Josh Barrett of Barrett Services, owned by an RM family who has lived here for years.  Not sure how we missed their ad on RM.com, but anyway, Josh came right out the next day and with in 15 min., diagnosed the problem as simply moisture in the fuel lines, and was able to solve the problem in a very short amount of time.  He told us we have a very good furnace that if properly maintained, should last another 10 years!  His service charge was $155, and the problem was solved. Wow!  From $9,000 to $155.  Yes, it always pays to get a second opinion!

I highly recommend Barrett Heating & AC Services.

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Barrett Services for Heating and Air - Fabulous!

Glad you found Josh, Cheryl!  I would have given you his name, too.  I have recommended Josh for several years and people actually call and thank me - he is very honest, fair and knows his business well.  Glad you found him, also.


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Barrett Services for Heating and Air - Fabulous!

We have been extremely satisfied with Josh Barrett both times we have used him. His prices are fair, his work is very good, and he seems to have a genuine desire to take care of his customers. He even called me a week after helping with a Water Heater to see how everything was going. You don't generally see service like that. I'd certainly reccommend him to anyone.

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