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There is a new scam going around...you get a phonecall from Microsoft stating that they have detected a problem with your computer. They say they will fix it but need your password to get in. Once you give them the info, they say it will cost you $$$ for them to fix it and want you to send it by Western Union. If you refused, they lock down your computer and you cannot use it.

Microsoft does not contact you by phone or any other means.

If you get this phonecall, IMMEDIATLY HANG UP!!!!

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Microsoft Scam

Got this call yesterday........sounded like a person from India........told him I would call him back to make sure it was legit..and from Microsoft...he gave me a number......I called it, it was a housewife some where so I forgot about it....

About 20 minutes later the India (Microsoft) guy calls again asking why I didn't call him back......told him that I did call but  the number he gave me was not his number....he the repeated the number but changed a digit ...said I called the wrong number and ..then went into his pitch exactly as Jacque described.....I hung up...



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Not-so-cunning scammers

Another one.

Yesterday we got a call from a recording of a woman with a vaguely British accent, barely audible, who seemed to be saying she was from the IRS, and our tax situation was dire, and we needed to call her back right away at the following number ... or bad stuff would happen.

Not all of these scammers are very good at what they do.

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I rarely get pop ups.  Today, a pop up on my computer stopped me enough to disconnected my internet connection.  A message from ZCORUM instructed me not turn off my computer becaused I would lose this & that.  It provided a bogus number (  I googled ZCORUM & phoned Greenfield ).  ZCORUM was the previous internet provider for RMA.  Which makes me think others here will get targeted. So, if you get an authentic appearing pop up from ZCORUM, back away slowly & don't call them.

Tom Campbell

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Just happened to me.

So I shut everything down, waited and powered up again. All appears to be well.


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Computer Scam

Just got a call from a computer scammer, on Thanksgiving of all days, and tried to pull the scam I mentioned above...what a nerve!!!!  We hung up on them!!!!!!

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