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Big Rigs Allowed to Park Overnight on South Murieta Parkway

Dear Neighbors,

The last few weeks we have noticed a Big Rig has been parked on South Murieta Parkway overnight or for a few days. My husband has gone to the guard shack to ask why the Big Rig is allowed to be parked there and he was told one time that "they were unloading items" and then again last night the BIG RIG was parked there again and the guard told my husband when he inquired again about it, that the truck is owned by a person on Colbert and he was parking it on that street and due to complaints he moved it to South Murieta Parkway right past Callaway Drive.

Really? When we have strict CC&Rs about having our cars parked in the garage and only one car maybe on the driveway, etc, they are now allowing a BIG RIG to be parked on our streets?  Why is this being allowed?  That BIG RIG needs to be parked over by the airport or somewhere else. It is one thing to have a trailer parked overnight for folks to pack it up for camping, but a BIG RIG? Come on, thats really pushing it.

I would like to know why this is being allowed to happen?  Can anyone provide comments about this?

We all have signed the CC&Rs when we moved into the community and for ourselves, we follow the rules. Why are some allowed to not follow? 


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We have the same issue

We have a neighbor who likes to park his boat on the street for days at a time. And recently we had a neighbor who parked a giant trailer filled with trash on the street and NOTHING is ever done. There seems to be little to no enforcement these days.


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CC&R Enforcement

You are kidding right? RMA is too busy busting people for bench building. Enforcement of parking is way down the list as it only affect a few people. Remember, RMA took enforcement away from the security officers and now you have an issue with no enforcement action being taken.

Speed, drink and run all the stop signs you want, but heaven forbid you leave your garage door open....

Our security officers have been stripped of any authority and good luck trying to get RMA to change that.


Bill Murphy

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Big Rig

Our golf group saw this big rig parked on the street at 10:30 AM yesterday as we went from the 11 th to the 12 th hole.....".somebody is not following the CC&R's

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Big Rigs

1) I would think they should follow the Mobile Home (RV) rule which I thought you could only park a few times a year not every night or every week??

2) If they have a company logo it needs to be covered up.

3)....I know I wouldn't be happy about this either!

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Big Rig

I assume that compilance is involved here somewhere, not just a posting on RM.com?

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Big Rig Parking


As of today, the BIG RIG is gone. I dont know if the owner took the truck and went back to work of if Compliance stepped in and said something.  It is unknown.  Each time the BIG RIG is parked there on the street I am going to post it on this website and continue to call the RMA/CSD/Compliance folks. I encourage other homeowners to report this as well.  If this continues to be allowed/ignored, we are going to have our streets filled with Commerical Trucks, Horse Trailers, BIG RIGs parked on our streets 24/7.  The CC&Rs need to be abided by all homeowners and folks lets be respective of them and our neighbors. For goodness sake this is not South Sacramento!

Thanks everyone!

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RE: Big Rig Parking

Unless things have changed since I left, normally someone may obtain a 24 hour temporary parking permit to park "unauthorized vehicles" within the gates. This would include a "Big Rig." The catch is that the vehicle is only authorized to be inside the gates for 24 hours. The same sponsor of that vehicle may not have that vehicle back inside the gates for 24 hours. 

You are allowed to have (with appropriate permit obtained by Security) an "unauthorized" vehicle parked inside the gates of RMA areas of RM a total of 3 times per 30 day period on non-consecutive days. In other words, while you get 3 days, you cannot string those permits together to make a single 3 day period. There were past abuses of that which forced the RMA to change the policy a few years ago. 

While I cannot speak to current, up to the minute practices, I suspect that both Security and the RMA Compliance Officer are likely well aware of the vehicle in question. If you believe that you are observing a non-compliant parking of such a vehicle, please call Security, but please do it only once per day. Additional calls from the same person on the same day won't usually result in increased patrols or enforcement. Once it's on the follow-up list for that night, it should be checked that night, and a cite written if it's non-compliant or a referral to Compliance may be done for further research and later enforcement. 

Former gate resident.

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