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Blood Drive Thank You's!

Thank You to the RM Community!

On behalf of Bloodsource, the RM Women’s Club, my co-chairs, Pat Carroll and Patti Keating, and the hundreds of people whose lives were saved this year – we’d like to thank this wonderful community for the terrific response we had at our 2017 quarterly blood drives!

We had big shoes to fill as the previous co-chairs, Sue Kjome and Sheryl Bray, had done an outstanding job for several years before turning it over to 3 rookies!  Thankfully they were both there not only for moral support all year but also as donors at each blood drive.

Special thanks to St. Vincent de Paul Church for allowing the blood drive to move to the Social Hall this year.  This has allowed Bloodsource to bring more donor chairs, computers & staff which has diminished the wait time for donors to be processed.

None of this would be possible without all of the great volunteers – making phone calls, baking cookies, helping set up and take down tables & chairs, making sure the refreshment table is well stocked – Thank you All!!  We also had special donations from Murieta Market by Raleys.  Each blood drive they donated veggie and/or fruit trays for those wanting a healthier snack after their donation.

We also had wonderful support from Ralph Frattura & Karen Muldoon at ranchomurieta.com and Gail Bullen at the River Valley Times. They provided special articles on the blood drives and assisted greatly in getting information out to the community.

Three out of four of our 2017 blood drives we exceeded the goals that Bloodsource gave us!  January was our best month when the call came from Bloodsource that there was a severe shortage of blood.  The RM Community stepped up and we collected 97 pints of blood!  In April we collected 65, July, 86 and in October, 76 for a total of 324 pints which saved almost 1,000 lives!  One of the greatest things in 2017 was we had 29 first time donors that we hope to see back in 2018.

I can’t say enough about my co-chairs, Pat Carroll and Patti Keating.  Pat spends hours coordinating all the volunteers and obtaining special coupons for each donor as well as a raffle prize for every drive.  Patti makes sure the word gets out to all of the local community groups, newspapers, websites, coordinates all the posters, along with both of them distributing posters and flyers. 

Our first blood drive of 2018 was January 22nd and we collected 71 pints! Our goal was 76, however with all the flu and colds going around everyone was very happy with the results!

Again, thank you to everyone, hope to see you at our next Blood Drive on April 23rd!

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