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Brian Little

As some of you may know, one of our assistant pros, Brian Little, qualified for the PGA Assistant Pro Championship tournament in Florida, starting this coming Thursday. Brian and Scott DeBorba, who was an assistant here and recently moved over to Valley Hi, were the two qualifiers for N. Calif. This is a great accomplishment and honor for both of these gentlemen. It turns out that they have to pay their own way to get to Florida and pay for all of their own expenses, i.e. hotel, car and food. Don Thames was able to get a good portion of the funds and numerous members donated money to get Brian on his way. Still being short of funds, Machelle and Plaza Foods stepped up with a substantial donation today to make sure he got to live his dream. Everyone who helped should feel good about being able to assist and I know Brian is very appreciative.  Brian is representing our whole community and we wish him well.

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