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brown lawns

Hi everyone.............it use to be everywhere you looked there were beautiful lawns and yards. Now, it seems there are more than a few people bringing down our neighborhoods. We pay good money to live in a safe and beautiful community. Just take a good look at your yard.....what do you see? Do you see a brown lawn, spent flowers, untrimmed shrubs? I see it all the time. A little fertilizer and water does miracles to beautify your lawn.........and don't forget to mow. I would love to see the beautiful yards we had when we all moved here, everyone taking such good care with such enthusiasm. Thanks for listening to my frustrations of the neighborhood!!!  janice Svendsen  :)

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brown lawns


I so agree with you.  I even altered my dog walking route because I couldn't bear to look at some of the rundown properties.

Jude Gaither

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