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Buona Vita/Food Trucks

Thank you Noreen and Madison for your charitable contributions to the community. Summerfest is another contributor. Recognition should be given to all. In addition I for one respect your right  to voice and opinion. At least for now it is still a free country.

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Thank you

Thank you, Ed.

This really was not about an objection to the Food Trucks.  This was about not being invited, or informed.  Our concern was that four Sunday's a month for almost a half a year would really hurt us, especially this time of year when we are trying to make up for slow winter months.  

We understand that it is a free Country, and a Capitalist Country, as some have pointed out.  We have no problem with competing, but you can't compete if you were not informed.

Again, thank you, Ed, for your kind support and care.

Buona Vita



Noreen Cardinale

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Food Trucks

I really can't understand why everyone living in Rancho Murieta wouldn't support both.  We need businesses like Bona Vita out here.  In our house the rule is - if you go to the food trucks you need to go to Bona Vita that day too.

Randy Stringer

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Food Trucks

From my understanding, reading through all the Forums, you were given the information needed in order to join the Food Trucks on Sunday. I think the food trucks are great! They have brought the community together and given something new to enjoy with your family and friends. Of course supporting local buisnesses is also important so why haven't you taken the necessary steps to be able to join in on the Food Trucks like you have been wanting? It seems like the only thing hindering your buisness now is you.  

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Vanessa, Respectfully, the


Respectfully, the issue was that we were not informed of Food Truck Sundays.  The second issue is that we would have to join Sactofomo, which would put us on a schedule to go to events, however, we cannot take our little cart to events because it is a cart and not a truck that you can drive on the freeway.  Even if we joined Sactofomo, we would only be put on a schedule and it is unknown if we would even be up there once every two months.   We do find it to be a shame that as residence and business owners we are not allowed to sell off our cart, and now are banned from the baseball games, or from being anywhere on the RMA property.  We hope to be able to remedy this situation. 

Buona Vita is not hindering it's own business.  We are very hard working ladies who spend 7 days a week and several hours a day at the shop.  We work hard to provide the best quality Yogurt and Gelato, and we work hard to make it a place that people enjoy, a place people feel cared about.  We strongly believe in community and helping those in the community in need. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for as business owners and human beings.

We are in the process of buying a Food Truck whereby we can put two yogurt machines on and be able to go to other events outside of Rancho Murieta.

We appreciate your comments,


Noreen Cardinale

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