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Last night around 1 am two guys tried to break into our house on the south side. They came on a white, or light coloured golfcart. One of them sat in the cart while the other one tried to rip up the garage door. When he couldn't do that on his own, they went away for 10 min and then came back on skateboards instead. They looked into the house, and both of them tried together to get the garage door to open.

My husbond then went out with a hammer in his hand, and got up really close to them before they saw him coming, and they took off laughing. They should be happy they weren't hit by my husbond.

The two guys were tall and slender, kaukasian looking, one had a checked black and white jacket on. They looked like they could be around 18 - 20 years old, maybe older, but it's hard to say. If you know who this might be, please report to the security, the two boys need some guidance before they get deeper into crimes.

Since they first came in a golfcart, they probably live in the community.

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Precisely why we still have and need the second ammendment. They won't want to break into many homes out here because there are plenty of firearms in this community. Once you have broken into someone elses home all bets are off.

John Hein

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Shoot first, ask questions later....

Ann, I am so sorry that happened to you and your husband. I agree with John. These criminals will not think it's something to laugh at if they meet a bullet, a hammer or a baseball bat. Enough already before someone gets killed or injured.  

If anyone is interested, there is a firing range out near RM going towards Ione. It's a great time to get some practice in. 

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Burglary Attempt

When they came the first time...did you call Security? Perhaps Security would have been there when they came back the second time.....If we don't use the resourses we have, then we have ourselves to blame .....it's the same with the Sheriff Safety Center....folks out here do not report the crimes, vandalisms or whatever, thus we cannot help them and that's what we are here to do. If the Sheriff Department closes the center, we will have to go clear up to Florin Rd to report a crime.


It's all up to us.

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Unfortunately my husbond

Unfortunately my husbond didn't understand first time he looked out, that the noice came from our garage port. He was half asleep and they went away, so he thought that was something else. If he had known what they were going to do he would of course have called the security immediately.


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Law Enforcement residents

Not only that John, but think about the number of law enforcement who live out here.  Imagine if they tried to break into the wrong house!

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Alleged attempted burglary

Do I really live in a community where folks think it is ok to shoot and kill a neighbor's kid who they think is trying to break into their garage ???  Scary


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Attempted burglary

What's scary is that we live in a community where parents have failed to raise their kids to have respect for others, and instead have raised them to be self entitled spoiled brats, who believe they are free to to do whatever they want at the expense of others, without fear of punishment by their parents, or the law.

What's scary is that we live in a community where the police refuse to do their job and protect us (they refused to come when my golf cart was stolen because "they had more important things to worry about"), and security is powerless to do anything even if they catch a criminal in the act.

What's scary is that we live in a community where our only option is to defend ourselves, our families, and our homes.

It doesn't matter if it's a neighbors kid, or an adult, if they are breaking into my house, threatening my family, and possesions, I see them only as criminals, and yes I do think it's ok to do whatever is neccessary to protect our family from criminals!

When someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, are you willing risk the life of you're own children by hesitating to protect your family because the intruder might happen to be a neighbors kid?

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Attempted Burglary

Very well stated Chris.

Bill McCarver

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From what I have read "NO ONE" has said they want to shoot kids who were "attempting" to break in. My comment was that once a thief has broken into a home all bets are off. That's right, a thief. What else do you think they are in your house for. No one has the right to enter my home or yours.

What I find scary is that another resident thinks people are just going to shoot kids that are attempting to break in a garage. If someone thinks it's no big deal then let them break into your home. I find it offensive that someone thinks they have the right to break into someone elses home or car in the driveway for that matter.

And Chris does have it right on all accounts!

John Hein

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The suspects in this crime were described as 18 to 20 yrs old.  Not kids, not children.  At that age my sons were in the Marine Corps protecting and serving their country. 

If these idiots are stupid enough to break into homes, they are stupid enough to take it one step further when they are confronted.  Two 18 to 20 year olds can inflict alot of harm.  At my age, even with prior law enforcement training I wouldnt want to go two on one against MEN of that age.  Even as stupid as they are perhaps knowing that some households are armed will discourage them. 

Remember also that garages have doors (usually unlocked) that lead into a residence.  Ive handled many burglaries where homes were entered via a garage while the residents were sleeping.  I remember one suspect gloating that he would stand in the corner of the bedroom and watch the residents sleep before taking items from the room.  I doubt those residents would classify the seriousness of the intrusion by the age of the suspect, or would hesitate to use a firearm under such a threat.

Im sorry but I just dont feel the need to be sympathetic towards anyone trying to pry their way into my home.  I would hope that parents can teach their "kids" respect for peoples property and homes.  If they cant, at least teach them they might get more than a "hi neighbor" if they break into someones home.


Doug Lewis

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Residents' Self-Protection

Marjori, perhaps you are not aware of these "kids" committing murders in house intrusion right here in Murieta. Homeowners/residents have every right for self-defense by whatever means necessary, and should do so, when intruders enter. Enough of the "kids" defense perpetrated by "juvenile kids" and their irresponsible parent(s):

Life sentence in RM slayings
(August 3, 2002) A 21-year-old Marysville man was sentenced to life in prison for the killings of his Rancho Murieta grandparents in January 2001. Ryan P. Kanawyer was sentenced Friday by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Cheryl Meegan. A Superior Court jury found him guilty of first-degree murder in June in the killings of his grandparents, Peter and Marilyn Boyes, who lived on Pescado Circle. A companion of Kanawyer's, Eric Newsom, 21, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.



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