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Anybody else lose their cable?

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Cable TV.

Yup! We did. The power went off and immediately came back on. Cable went out at the same time.

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Not here

Our RMA cable's fine.

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 Our's went out and came

 Our's went out and came back,but chl 12 is on 12 and 13. I have left a msg. and I am crossing my fingers! I think crossing my fingers has the better chance of getting it fixed


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CBS Channel 13

Just turned on the TV to watch Criminal Minds only to find the channel is now CW, which is also Channel 12. Placed a call to the After-Hours Cable Services #: 354-3500, ext 300. Oh, well.

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Cable Update

Sorry for the disruption. A SUMD power outage caused a circuit breaker blew on a battery back-up system. We immediately went to the headend, identified the problem and restored service.

The equipment used to convert digital channel 25 to analog channel 13 (channel 13 is actually broadcast on channel 25) came back on after the power glitch to channel 21 (channel 12 KMAX-TV, CW31 is actually broadcast on channel 21). Confused yet?

We did check all 250 plus channel to insure they were back on after the problem. What we could not tell was if the program showing actually was that channel. I suspect as we moved from channel 12 to channel 13 during the check the channel might have moved from programming to commerical or from scene to scene in the program so we didn't see it was the same??

As part of the post mortem we will review the power issue (not too sure what we can do, we have both battery back-up and a stand by generator (which did come on when the power went out) and see if we can lock the channel 13 equipment to reset to the proper input. Pretty much all video processing equipment is computer based and somewhat sensitive to power glitches or spikes.

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Thanks, Paul!

I appreciate your explanation and trying to keep us in the loop. At least you know what happened and that's a good thing because you can't fix what you don't know is broken.

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