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Is anyone else having trouble with channel 180?The picture keeps breaking up; I watched the Belmont on Ch. 3--no HD but at least it worked. I called Greenfield & was told that I was the only one who called & it could be the 'splitter' on my house.  ??

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I have a question for you Colleen

did Greenfield offer to make an appointment to have someone come to your house to check out the issue? 

Myrna Solomon

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TV Breakup

Yes, I have also had channels freeze and at times breakup. I have had ch 67-1 freeze and suddenly 67-2 is playing and I can not select 67-1 anymore until I perform an "auto  program" (scan) to locate available channels. Seems like my Samsung senses that the channel has vanished so it gets deleted from it's memory. Happens a few times per month  and on more than one Samsung unit. (w/o settop box) Greenfield is aware but seems unable to conclude what is happening. Needless to say, the digital signal input varies for some TBD reason.

Jerry Pasek

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TV Breakup

Unfortunately we have a Samsung that displays the same problems. Channels drop off, or change. Display has breakups, and often the channel being watched blips out with a " cable weak or scrambled channel" message.  Oh and something causes the display to black out at 11am. every day. This can last up to a minute. Here on the first Guadalupe, this began to occur when Greenfield took over. We have been hooked into the Community cable for over 12 years with minimal outages/  problems until then.

Jan Bach

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My Tivo doesn't like it either

I have had similar problems with my Tivo and breakups or less than ideal signal. Whenever it sees a weak signal or breakup my screen goes black and doesn't come back for up to 5 minutes. I've found a workaround of hitting the back button and then I just get the breakup and it continues but if the signal is weak when I switch to it I have to wait until it comes back before I can watch the channel at all.

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