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Cable and broadband out Friday morning in RM North

The Rancho Murieta Association's cable and broadband operations says there will be a planned outage Friday morning in lower  Murieta North for the cable upgrade project.  Here's what the RMA announcement says:

The system rebuild is moving into Node 2 (located on Pera Drive).

This area includes homes on and around, Pera Drive, Lago Drive, Carreta Lane, Pescado Circle, Colina Lane,and the area in and around the Plaze and Cantova Way (including the former FAA building).

See full details and the map showing the areas affected in the Weekly Rebuild Update on www.ranchomurieta.org .

The entire node will be out for about 2-3 hours on Friday morrning as the main feed for the area in upgraded and then small areas will be going on and off as every piece of equipment in the node is replaced over the next 2 weeks.

Both cable and internet services WILL be disrupted.

Full details are on our web site at www.ranchomurieta.org

Sorry for the disruption.
RMA Cable & Broadband

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