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Cable outages due to sun

A note from the RMA's cable operation:

Between now and October 12th, we will see some signal loss due to SUN OUTAGES.

Twice a year, in Spring and Fall, the Sun's path take it directly behind the group of satellites that deliver cable TV signals.  As the sun lines up behind each satellite its strong random microwave output overpowers the small 5- to 25-watt transmitter in the satellite and disrupts the signal.

We will see channels go out for a few minutes each day between about 10 AM and 2 PM. Different channels will go out at different times as the sun travels across the sky and moves behind one satellite after another. Each channel should only go out once during the day, for 2-4 minutes due to sun outages.

Local broadcast channels will not be affected as they are not delivered via satellite to our headend.

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