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Cable problems?

Anybody else having cable problems this evening?  Much of the afternoon and even now we've got no broadband service up on the northern tip of Puerto (just south of the Arctic Circle).

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CATV Problems

DISH is working just fine! Cubs and Padres 0-0 in early going.

Bobbi Belton

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I feel your pain

I feel your pain Ralph.  I remember back in 2001 when we had a 13 second outage with our DirecTV.  Since then they've seemed to have corrected the issue and we've had no service disruptions since.

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Ralph, I have heavy snow a

Ralph, I have heavy snow a degree or so south east of you. 

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All better now

Placed a call to RMA this morning, and all is fine now.  They've been doing the cable upgrade in our area. 

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My cable service has been out since around 11:00 PM last night.  Does anyone know what's going on ???

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Cable problem explanation

A mistake during the rebuild of the cable system caused an overnight interruption of Internet service for about 15 customers and interferred with cable TV service for about 45 customers on Venado Drive and a small section of Puerto Drive, RMA Communications Manager Paul Venturella said Tuesday. The contractor for the rebuild inadvertently installed a new amplifier too close to an active, old one, which made the signal bad, he said.

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