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Cable TV Set Top Box Software Upgrade Successful!

Cable TV Set Top Box Software Upgrade Successful!

It appears the set top box software was upgraded last night (Tuesday 2 AM).

While the upgrade adds a few nice new features to the set top box (STB) (improved search feature, improved HD channel listing, etc.) the upgrade also reset any customer set features back to factory defaults.

You will have to re-create your favorite channel list, reset your parental controls or reset create any future recordings for your DVR. Please contact us if you need assistance with this, it's likely we can help you right over the phone. Full details on setting all STB features are available here: Rovi i-Guide version A25 User's Reference Manual and Quick Reference Brochure. There may be some local variations (e.g., the type of remote control available) but the fundamental instructions in these materials should be effectively the same.

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