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Caddie Star from Rancho Murieta

Not sure how many membersof RM.com are golfing members of RMCC, but today we had a star emerge at The Masters and make Rancho Murieta proud.  Jarrod Jordan, son of Gavin and Rebecca Jordan, golfing members who live in Wilton, was providing caddie duties for Tom Watson at The Masters par 3 tournament. The Jordans and Watsons have become good friends through the cutting horse industry (Gavin is a National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame member and trained my World Champion as well) and Tom invited Jarrod to caddy for him at the par 3 tournament)

Jarrod is a regular caddie at RMCC and a pretty good golfer as well.  Tom let him tee off on one of the par three's and Jarrod smacked it within four feet of the pin.  Jarrod is 16 years old and this had to be a thrill of a lifetime for him.

I hope many people will send their congratulations to him.  I know he made me proud.

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Great story, thanks for sharing Bill

Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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Caddie Star From Rancho Murieta

If any of you saw this on TV, they did not show the putt or who putted it.  I just talked Gavin and Tom Watson let Jarrod putt.  He did in fact make the birdie.

Bill McCarver

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