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California vs. Texas? You decide

This in response to a column recently appearing in the RVT.

It’s true. If the most important thing to you is what you pay in income tax, and you resent efforts to protect the environment, then you would do well to move to Texas. However, there are a number of factors that favor California.

We are smarter: Cal students score around 1515 on the SATs; their counter parts, 50 points lower. California students have a 30% better four year college graduation rate. And our colleges are superior. Stanford and Cal rank in the top ten universities in the world. Rice, which is tiny, ranks near the bottom of the nation’s top 20. Beyond that, we have UCLA, the world’s most applied to university, and Cal Tech. They have UT, UTEP and A&M .

We are much less obese, and our mortality rate is lower.

We emit 9 million tons of carbon per capita, per year. The number there is 25 million tons. Our state is more beautiful, with 50 % more acreage of national park land, to cite just one proof. Our weather is better. Our industries are superior. We have Silicon Valley, Hollywood and aerospace. They have fossil fuel extraction. Our ag produces peaches, oranges, nuts and wines which are among the best in the world. They raise cattle, among the least efficient and environmentally unfriendly enterprises in agriculture, and cotton.

Beyond all of that, our history is more illustrious. While Texas was fighting to destroy the Union, Cal was building the transcontinental railroad. Long ago? Not so. Even now Texas regularly threatens to secede from the Union and recently resisted U.S. Army exercises there on the ground that they were an “invasion”. Nice people? I am sure there are many, but I prefer the “liberality” of Californians.

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