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Call to Rancho Murieta motorcycle riders

The next RMA meeting will be held on March 20th.  Those of us who ride motorcycles and live in RM North will be asking the board to begin steps for a community vote that would finally allow us to ride our motorcycles to and from our homes.  This has been allowed on the south side since its inception without any negative impact on the community.  It is time that the same rules apply to all of us.  

To that end...if you are a motorcyclist, enthusiast, or just think it's time to change, we need your help. We need as much support at this very important meeting as we can get.   This applies to those who live on the south as well as the north.  We especially need the imput from those of you on the south who hhave already had this privelidge.

Additionally, we are having a community motorcycle ride on Sunday, March 4th at 10:00 am.  We will be riding to Valley Springs for lunch and then returning to RM.  This will be a perfect time to get to know your fellow riders and further discuss this very important topic.  We hope to see you there.

Tim White

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