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Candy Chand's latest article

Candy Chand's latest article is sure an eye-opener and a confirmation of how our government is run:



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Thanks for bring to our attention how a local business that supports our community, Plaza Market, can be completely overlooked by our wounderful County Planning Departments.

I guess it would be too much to ask those who are charged with approving projects in our community to get off their collective duffs and actually go out and look at what they are being asked to pass on.

Thanks again Candy.

Dick Cox

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re: you are right on Dick

Dick you are right on that it is amazing that no one would have actually driven out here to check out what was being said about the Plaza  instead of just excepting what was being said, as if these guys never make up stuff..... No never...... 

Candy's latest article in The Bee describing how the supervisors except for Don N rarely listen at public meetings to dissenting views to developers was demonstrated all of the times that I went to county meetings. In fact, Candy actually busted Sup. Dickenson when clearly he was either dozing or just tuned out when she was speaking at one of the public hearing I attended.  The Money flowing into their pockets from developers is just too tempting to just say NO and to do the right thing for their constituents as they are voted in and paid to do. A sad commentary for sure.

Myrna Solomon

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Because it is so lucrative, especially for those who decide to leave this profession (?) and peddle their influence in other ways, one can only follow the money to see who is in whose pocket. Unfortunately, there are no laws that require TOTAL transparency by requiring all accepted contributions to be reviewable by all on the Internet within 24 hours, and that all contributions must be tied to a living person. No contributions from Unions or Business enterprises allowed unless provided through a named person. In addition, any supporting advertisement would require access to names  (vs. "Committee in Support of Joe") so we the voters know the real supporters and judge accordingly. We all thought we voted last round for transparency but that vaporized again in DC. Guess we'll have to try again in 2010.

Jerry Pasek

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How is it that We the people only means we, some of the people? Candy aptly points out the attitude many representatives have towards their constituents and leads one to believe those who have will get more, the rest get attitude. I would say it is unbelievable that no one previously researched what businesses were at RM, but this is becoming the norm. Maybe we will return to the time of "show me" when reason is discovered once again.

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The biggest problem in the country today is that the politicians have become an elite ruling class. The vast majority of them are corrupt to the extent that they will do anything to get reelected and stay on the gravy train. Unless this somehow changes, and it is difficult to see how that might happen, the country will continue its spiral down the drain.

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