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Candy's article in the Sacramento Bee

Thank You Candy for letting us all know what is really going on with our county supervisors and why as a general rule except for Don Nottoli, developers get their way. I sat through just a few county meetings, and always wondered why the supervisors acted like it didn't matter what information was said to them by the people who came to give them important information that disputed what developers said, and now it is refutable. It is called Bundling.  The money they received from these developers had already made up the supervisors minds. I'm afraid that this is happening in every aspect of politics and the people who supposedly represent us.  As shameful as this is...it is not shocking considering.

I would encourage everyone go read Candy's article at the Bee. It is very informative. 

Myrna Solomon

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Candy's Article

Regarding: Land Barons Use Bundling to Cozy up to County Supervisors (Chand, October 18th Sac Bee)
I used to work for a large Sacramento-based developer.  I was "asked/invited” by that developer to a fund raiser for Roberta Macglashan. I was “asked” by that developer to donate to her campaign.
I was very disappointed to hear, due to redistricting,  Roberta Macglashan is Rancho Murieta's new representative. I will not vote for her re-election in June. My experience is, Macglashan's interests are with developers, not citizens. 

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Thanks, Tom, for sharing a personal experience about developer fundraising/bundling parties. After my Bee piece ran, my inbox filled with emails from folks who've shared similar experiences---often about Peters and Macglashan. Funny how those in the public trust tend to vote for projects, even against mass citizen testimony, that benefit developers who've packaged contributions.

Candy Chand

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