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Car versus tree on Murieta Parkway


Thanks to a RM.com member, here’s a look at a car-versus-tree accident that occurred about 7:35 p.m. Monday at Guadalupe Drive and Murieta Parkway.  Rancho Murieta Security was on the scene before deputies arrived.  The CHP’s traffic chatter, which appears on the home page of RM.com, said the driver had been drinking and that there were no injuries.  There was no information about charges or damages.

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Security report

The Security Logs report on the incident:

7:32 p.m. June 27: M. Pkwy/2nd Guadalupe, patrol found single vehicle in a tree, resident driver intoxicated, attempted to try to drive away and was combative with patrol, driver held for CHP.  SMFD responded for evaluation, CHP booked driver for DUI.

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 Maybe you don't have the name of the person so it is not being reported.  Will you publish the name if you get it? 

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Unfortunately No

Mac, unfortunately they typically don't report names...wish they would, maybe embarrasing folks would help prevent some of the incidents here.

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 I used to be able to find

 I used to be able to find a list of current arrests through the Sac Sheriffs web site but I cannot seem to see how to do it now without having a name or ref number. You could see the intake list for up to 24 hours without needing a name or ref. number. Anyone know how to access this now?  


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Weigh the effort against the return

Routine DUIs are so common you could say they’re not really newsworthy.  It’s newsworthy if a person is arrested for DUI after injuring others with a vehicle or crashing in a spectacular public fashion.  We always attempt to quickly identify DUI suspects in accidents involving serious injuries or deaths.

If we were to pursue the driver’s identity in the typical DUI involving a Murietan, fairness would dictate we pursue all DUI arrests of Murietans.  Otherwise, questions would be asked about why we identified the driver in this arrest but not that one.

It takes some effort to get this information in a timely fashion. There are only so many hours in the day.  From our perspective, pursuing this information is not the best use of available time.

A year ago, we published a look at this general issue, chiefly from the perspective of the information Security will release and what it won’t.

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I would say this would fall under spectacularly public.  Crashing into a tree and light pole in a highly traveled intersection at 7:30 PM on a Monday evening, being combative with security, arrested by the CHP and totaling your vehicle is certainly a step or two higher than getting busted for DUI after running a stop sign at 3 AM.  I understand some reluctance to publish names but in my opinion this rises to that occasion.

We drove by the crash scene approximately 15 minutes after it occurred going to my parents house.  The street was blocked requiring a detour. What was most disconcerting though was the fact I was in a golf cart with my 12 year-old daughter.  If this person could not even negotiate a turn in broad daylight and smash into a tree and light pole hard enough to rip of the front right tire and axle I cannot imagine what would have happened if he had hit a cart.  

I'm sure I can find the name through the RM gossip channels.   



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Along with others I am thoroughly sick about the amount of impaired driving we have in RM and around us. I will say I'm not interested in reading names on our local site. There are other sites that do that, the info is public, and I don't think we need to put the families of the impaired drivers through it all. Particularly the kids. And we are, by and large, a caring lovely community with some people who have issues. Just like everyplace else. That is not an excuse at all. I'm infuriated by impaired drivers. It's a horrific risk and a big indication they have a serious problem and need real help.

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I'm sure you can find the name on the RM gossip channels -- where it belongs.  Public humiliation does nothing to deter poor judgment and reduces our public discourse to a level of vindictiveness not required in a polite forum.  (And there's that pesky innocent-until-proven guilty clause.)

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For information purposes,

For information purposes, how do any of you know the vehicle is a total loss? If you are a damage appraiser or insurance adjuster you might have a good idea. If not, it is most likely a good idea not to give your opinion on vehicle damage. For your information the vehicle is not a total loss.

Naming residents involved in community issues is a bad idea in my opinion. Thank you Karen for choosing not to go down that road.


John Hein

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If it can be done I don’t think it’s a bad idea to let the community know who the idiots are that drive while impaired and possibly risk the life and property of the rest of us.  Looking at this picture indicates to me who ever was driving this vehicle wasn’t able to even drive down an empty street without causing damage.  To me that qualifies as being a threat to members of our community.  If you aren’t participating in such incidents you don’t have to worry about you name being posted for all to see, if you are then you’d be getting just what you deserve.

Dick Cox

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Car vs. tree

I live on the corner, and was the first on scene as was neighbor. I do know the name, which is an adult, one who should know better.  What is and should be the point to consider and have the discussion is this individual was arrested with a DUI. It happened  @ 7:30 p.m. a wonderful evening when family members, children on bikes or skateboards are out enjoying the wonderful sunset and cool evening. It is usually a time when we are walking our dogs around the block.  This individual was lucky, no one was in the vicinity at that moment.  He remained under Rancho Murieta security until CHP arrived 1.5 hrs. later, giving the individual time to formulate  his story. He swerved to avoid a deer.

Here is the discussion. If RM security had the authority and tools to immediately perform at the scene ( they were there w/in 20 seconds, guess do to loud noise of crash) there would be no contesting the accuracy of the individual's story. Our RM security should be able to acesss, perform, and if need be arrest when the incident necessaties immediate action.  WE residents should not have to rely on CHP/Sheriffs who are so budget short and overwhelmed with larger crimes.  I would rather pay for security who has the authority to make decisions, including arrest, than my tax dollars to the County coming out here for this type of incident. It is time to reconsider why we have security and the ability that they can make a difference.  If we don't, it is not a matter of if, but when we will make that decision, at the death of a loved one.

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Car vs. tree

Deon are you trying to say if security had the power to arrest people that this person would not have driven drunk? 

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peace officers

Peace officers, if we had them, could promptly interrogate, promptly demand a breath sample or lose your license, etc.  CHP took NINETY MINUTES to arrive and do these things.  Time elapsed matters when litigating the significance of blood alcohol evidence.

But we have a large constituency who kind of LIKE the "exclusivity" of being able to drive around our private streets with a drink.between their knees, so we will NEVER have effective law enforcement here, at least until, Gosh forbid, one of our upscale drunks kills a kid.


And yes, Matt, if getting rolled up for DUI became a credible threat here I think we WOULD see less blatant and chronic DUI behavior.  But folks feel invulnerable because they know CSD pulled our local officers' teeth and claws.

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Oh if it were only that

Oh if it were only that simple Wilbur.  People will not stop driving drunk becase CSD has the powers that the CHP and SSD already have.

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SSD and CHP do have those

SSD and CHP do have those powers.

But they're not here.

Hence we fear them not.


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But on Hwy 16...

 They CHP and SSD DO have those powers.  How many crashes have we had between the north and south gates and those drivers were cited for DUI?  Didn't stop those drivers either...

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 Martha,   You are wise



You are wise beyond your years....


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