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Chief Wagner

I was highly shocked and greatly disappointed to hear of the dismissal of Chief Wagner.  We, the residents of RM, finally get a security chief, who is professional, experienced and highly respected by his officers and due to "good ole boy" politics, he is dismissed for doing his job. Chief Wagner, upon coming aboard, identified training deficiencies and immediately set up training that could save his officer's lives and also greatly reduce the liability risks to the District.  His dedication to the residents and his staff cannot be questioned. 

If the Chief was asked to do something illegal or ordered to unlawfully arrest someone and he refused and was subsequently dismissed for that refusal, we as residents should be up in arms. It surprises me that I have seen no posts in this forum regarding his dismissal. 

I'm also surprised that this dismissal was done without Board action. He was dismissed by a GM that has given her resignation and has absolutely nothing to lose. 

I am formally asking the board to reinstate Chief Wagner and investigate the reason he was wrongly dismissed. I fully realize that a probationary employee can be released with no cause, but the fact remains if it was done for political reasons and not to benefit the residents, we should all be appalled. 

This dismissal has caused a major morale problem in the department, with several officers looking for employment elsewhere. They are worried that if this can happen to their leader, it can happen to them. 

I would hope that all residents will follow my lead and stand behind our professional, honest and dedicated Security Chief. 

Bill McCarver

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I completely agree. What can I do to help? 

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I'm also disappointed to see Paul leave.  We here in the Village have had several occasions to deal with him and his staff.  They have been very responsive to our needs.  I believe Paul was on the right track.  Although personnel issues are rarely aired in public, it seems the District clients deserve something better than "It wasn't a good fit".

Lew Parkinson

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Dismissal of Chief Wagner

On RMCSD's website, under the heading of "District Transparency", it's mission statement provides, in part, the following: "The mission of Rancho Murieta Community Services District is to take a leadership role in responding to the needs of the residents ...."  Security is a paramount need and concern to RM residents and genuine "transparency", I would assert, a legitimate expectation.  Without violating any laws pertaining to employee confidentiality, RMCSD should provide a clear, fact-based explanation of why Chief Wagner was dismissed.  Again, this action should be in full accordance with the rules of confidentiality.  As matters stand, and certainly in light of the issues of concern that have been well expressed by Mr. McCarver, RMCSD has some explaining to do. 

David Monti Sr

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Propbationalry release from employment

The release of a probationary employee is not a transparent process.  The only thing the employer can do or say is that the employee failed to meet the standards and expectations of the position.  The employer can not even detail which of those standards and expectations the probationary employee faied to meet.  It is not like the firing of a tenured employee.  It is unfortunate for Chief Wagner, but that is the dictates of a probationary  period.  The only recourse for the residents would be to put pressure on the employer to re instate Chief Wagner, but I would doubt that would occur nor I suspect that the attorneys would advise against that course of action now that the Chief has been released.

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Chief Wagner

Robert, most of what you say is very correct. I believe the issue is the fact that the Chief had never been counseled regarding any deficiencies, but rather the total opposite. I think there will more to come very shortly. I'm going to believe that the board will do the right thing. It's on thing if you have cause, but totally different if you don't

Bill McCarver

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Chief Wagner

I agree with Robert Denhem.   If you read Wagner's resume, you would see he has had more jobs than Apple.  I was surprised he was even hired--something was amiss.  Let us trust this decision of our General Manager at CSD, and not push something that is not in our purview to know.  Transparency comes after a probationary period.   Leave it be.

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