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Compromised Check Cards


I have had my bank account card (debit) with El Dorado Savings Bank and it has been compromised 4 times in the last 6 to 8 months.  I was wondering if anyone else that lives in Rancho Murieta has been having the same problem with their bank cards (with any bank).  I am starting to see a trend of what is trying to be charged to my account and THANK GOODNESS El Dorado Savings Fraud Department has caught it each and every time.  Curious if anyone else has been experiencing this.


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Credit card compromised

Not exactly what you asked, but my credit card has been compromised a couple of times in the last several years, most recently a month or so ago. Both times the card company called to ask about suspicious charges. It was interesting to see the kind of charges that raised flags (not to be shared here). It gives you confidence that they know what they're doing.

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Credit Card Compromised

We have also had our credit card compromised a few times.....we stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas ...what we didn't realize is that they take your card, put your number on a ticket, hold it until you check out, however, the ticket sits on the desk in plain view until you check out...so, anyone can get your cc number off the ticket....so they did to the tune of 7 K.....lucky our bank called us and we were fine !!!!!  Since that time we have lowered our limit, and always let our bank know when we are going to travel so they have an " alert " on our card.  I don't use debit cards because anyone can clean out your account in a heartbeat, thus, any bills you pay automaticly can bounce and you will pay late fees and any other fees the bank might charge ......Also, never hand your card to anyone, like a waitress in a restaurant, instead go to the counter and pay with your card...we have had reports of  employees making double tickets....then cashing them in for the cash.......Just a few things to think about.....

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