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Computer Assistance

Recently I could not access my email.  I contacted local computer guru Damon Mercado, who responded very quickly.  Turns out I had ignored a notice from AT&T that I needed to update my email information.  Damon quickly corrected the problem and then discovered a "bug" in my system which he corrected.  Thank goodness we have a competent local guy who cares!

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Damon Computer

Ditto! Damon did the same for me and he has done work for me several other times and has been excellent.

Jim Mee

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Damon's Service Is Outstanding

Last week time came to replace our wireless system over here and, after working myself into that deep, dark spot where no amount of channeling Steve Jobs on my part could produce the desired results, I gave Damon a call.

I hadn't received the memo stating Motorola modems and Air Port Extreme routers simply did not play according to the rules. I blame Motorola.

A few hours later Damon was here and gone and we were once again wireless with a much improved range and signal strength.

Upon leaving Damon informed me he now also now had the ability to replace cracked iPhone and iPad glass.

Not a service that I expect to need soon but good to know.

Highly recommended. 

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Computer * Doctor- Damon Mercado

This is Doctor Tina West, DC commenting on the Star Computer Doctor - Damon Mercado.  When things are not what they seem on my compuer, internet, phone and I am puzzled.  Damon does miracles seamlessly with his knowledge and expertise.  I am so thankful that he is patient and kind in his IT arena as I am in mine.  He takes the worry and stress off even when I do not understand.  Take this as a refernce as he has been the best computer technician that I have ever had and I have had a few over 25 years. "Double thumbs up for Damon Mercado" you are in good hands.

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