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Contractor Recommendations for Kitchen Remodel

Going to tackle the "big one"!  We'd appreciate your recommendations/ comments regarding your kitchen remodel experience.  Thanks! Meredith

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Kitchen Remodel

We highly recommend Davis Custom Works from Rancho Murieta. His kitchen remodel of ours transformed our home. It's GORGEOUS. His number is 220-2937.

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Joined: 12/20/2007
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Thanks Linda!

Thanks Linda!


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Kitchen Contractor

I would strongly recommend Rick and Natalie from Interior Focus. I am a retired licensed general contractor and have worked for them and with them and them for me. They are very very good and very professional and personable. They have also done many kitchens and baths here in RM over at least the last 10 years that I have known them. They are listed in the Directory of advertisers.

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Kitchen Contractor

Call Jeff Nelms of Nelms Construction. He just did some work for Jim & Deanna Gibson here in RM - does beautiful work!!  916-764-4887

Joe Mazzoni Jr.


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Davis Custom Works

Go local! Davis Custom Works, right here in Rancho Murieta. Honest, dependable work.


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I second Jeff

I second Jeff, he showed up to do the job...where the other who bid the job wouldn't return phone calls or texts when he knew we were counting on him.  Thank goodness I got in touch with Deanna for Jeff's number.

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