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For those wishing to hear the latest news from the CRES Computer Lab, please visit the link shown below and click the subscribe button to receive immediate posts.   You can stay informed about the latest activities in the lab and hear about upcoming after school classes.  


You may also visit our website at crestek.net/


Shown below are some of our activities from Aug through Dec.

Dec 17: Mrs. Dittrich's second graders practiced writing a paragraph with Microsoft Word. They are learning how to capitalize, use ending punctuation, use one space between words and two spaces between sentences. 


Dec 16: Mrs. Fruit and Mrs. Vines' students have started working with Microsoft Word.  Their goal is to write a paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details. Boinke's class is currently using their Glogster accounts to create Dali inspired posters. 


Dec 15: Our computer tech installed 10 Crazytalk programs on computers 1-10.  The kids are very eager to try this out.


Dec 10: Currently, a total of 65 certificates have been awarded to students for mastering 1 or more math operations using the FasttMath program.  Thirty certificates had been given out by Nov 8.


Dec 9: Intermediate grades have begun working on EducationCity.com.  The PTA purchased a subscription to this site to help build language arts and science skills.


Dec 8: CRES recently purchased 10 CrazyTalk programs.  By January, they should be installed on 10 of our student computers / Most 2nd and 3rd graders have begun working with Powerpoint, learning how to select font & size, color and paint, insert picture/clip art, select slides and animate and play their slide shows. 


Dec 7: We've recently received two donations through Donorschoose.org.  When our project is completely funded, up to 40 students will begin sculpting their creations for a claymation project.


Nov 30:  CrazyTalk is coming soon.  This after school class uses a software program that helps students bring their photgraphs and drawings to life.  Eyes begin to blink and mouths begin to speak.  Very cool.  Stay tuned....


Nov 8th: During our 1st trimester in the computer lab, students have spent time familiarizing themselves with various software programs.  Math titles include TurboMath, Tux of Math Command and Fastt Math. Fastt Math is used in grades 2 – 6.  This program helps students build their fact fluency and allows teachers to generate class reports to monitor the progress of their students.  Instruction sessions focus on a student’s problem facts and then build skill through drills and games.  Intermediate students begin with multiplication drills; 2nd and 3rd graders begin with addition.  Currently, 30 certificates have been awarded to students for mastering 1 or more operations.  


- Additional software titles include:

*Pivot Stick Animator, Tux Paint, and Blockcad for drawing, painting and building

*All the Right Type for building keyboarding speed.

*First in Math and Starfall for developing skill in math and reading while at home or school.  

*GeoSkills develops student understanding of mapping as related to geography and social studies.


Mrs. Reinke and Mrs. Boyle’s students recently completed their Indian tribe reports using GlogsterEDU.  

GlogsterEDU offers a digital learning environment, helping students use multimedia to create virtual posters on line.  Students can see the finished work of their peers and send email to other students within their class. 


Mrs. Rau’s class was recently introduced to PowerPoint for creating slide shows.


Miss Anderson held a recent after school class for Movie Maker.


August 2010: Cosumnes River Elementary will have a full-time computer technology teacher.  I'm looking forward to helping our students meet and exceed district expectations for their grade level.





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