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Damon worked his magic again!!

Since my hubby and I decided to come back to the RM broadband, we also decided to get a network media player so that we can stream Netflix on our TV. I was chatting with Damon and told him about our new purchase and he suggested that we go buy a N router so that we would get faster speed. So that is what we did. I called Damon to come connect our laptop, printer and of course the Sony network media player since though we have some knowledge, I'd rather play it safe and have an expert do it right the first time. He came over and though he tried and tried to get our laptop to connect wirelessly to the new router it wouldn't. To make a long story short... because my laptop is 2 1/2 years old, the drivers needed to be updated... and it needed a different card put in , in place of what was in it originally. He ended up taking the laptop home and brought it back today....all fixed and so much faster. Here is the thing... The router we bought is top end, though there was no instructional book included, nor information as to what is needed in a computer so that it will work with a N router. It came with a CD that didn't work very well because of the outdated drivers and old card in our laptop.  If we had tried to do all of this by ourselves, we would have ended up giving up and taking the router back in frustration.  Thank goodness for Damon.... I knew he would work on this problem until he figured out what was wrong, and of course he did.  I understand that in the next month the RM broadband will be getting more bandwidth and that will help the stopping and starting of movies that are streamed... but in the mean time... I'm all set!!



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