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Davis Custom Works

We hired Cable Davis of Davis Custom Works to remodel our home which required a lot of updating. Cable and his team reformed our house to a home with remodeling almost the entire inside of the house from Paint, living room fireplace, bathrooms, flooring, and Kitchen. The work performed was above par and we love the work done. Davis custom Work was very reasonable with the price and it was much less than other contractors in the area. I have only attached the transformation of the Kitchen as there are too many pictures to post.

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  Several months ago we found

  Several months ago we found a leak in our bathroom that caused extensive damgage.  We first  called Martin at Murieta Plumbing who was at our doorstep in 20 minutes.  He shut down down the leak and because of a mold issue informed us that we would need to have the area sealed off and have a specialist come in to clean things up.  We then contacted Daniel Camara at PuroClean, also a resident here at Rancho Murieta, who came in and set up shop within an hour.  For the remodel we chose Cable who did an unbelievable job on our bathroom.  He totally transformed the entire room and was so easy to work with.  He uses Paul Shuey as his painter.  His work was so great we had him paint our kitchen.  Paul is also a resident here.  It is so great to have these folks living here within the gates and I can only say that if you find yourself in a similar circumstance that you would remiss not to use them. 

Jeff Winger



 C Winger

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Davis Custom Works

 Three years ago Cable Davis and his team tiled our entire home.  The job required serious renovation and leveling.  The attention to detail was impeccable.  Although the flooring looked GREAT, it did not mesh with our dated kitchen.  So, recently Cable and his team renovated our entire kitchen-design, new cabinetry, granite counter-tops, backsplash, lighting, painting and a few other special touches.  We could not be more excited about the transformation of our kitchen!  Both projects were completed in a professional and seamless fashion.  Thanks Cable and team!

 Jim & Norma Swenson

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We recommend Paul Shuey Painting

We used Paul Shuey to stain all our fences.  He did a great job and was very affordable. He lives in Rancho Murieta.   Shueysfishin@aol.com

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Davis Custom Works

We had a beautiful kitchen remodel by Cable and his crew. They were reliable, professional and did a fabulous job. Cable offers expert advice/suggestions and is very reasonably priced. When we enter our home now we feel like me moved into a new home......it's gorgeous.



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