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Dethatching and Aerating Lawns - looking for recommendation

At this week's River Valley Garden Club meeting we had a fabulous speaker from Ecolandscape California that spoke about actions we can take during the drought to lessen the stress on our lawns. He recommended dethatching and aerating as ways to improve the absorbtion of water.  Since we're  restricted to watering twice a week, we might as well make the most of the water we're applying.


Is there someone, perhaps local, that does lawn dethatching and aerating?

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Aeration -- Scott's lawn service

I was given a number to Scott's Lawn care or something like that  my neighbor after I posted something similar.  I am scheduled to have aeration done early next week.  I found the prices for them to be pretty affordable, under $100 and I have about 2000-3000 sq ft of sod.  I checked with two other companies and they both rough quoted over the phone well over $100. He offered a pretty big discount if we signed up for the fertilizer program (no contract) as well.  He told me I likely don't need dethatching because I don't have a thick, poofy lawn.  He did say de thatching was a little more expensive than aeration in general.  He doesn't do it but has a guy who does.  They were only a couple days out in terms of booking and said he is in rancho murieta at least once a week.  For those interested, you can aerate and they have a new product they rake into the holes that is a water saver product that basically is something where the molecules trap water and stay attached to the root and slowly release water over time, allowing you to cut down on watering by a signifcant margin (half I think he said).  It was pretty spendy (200 bucks I think) so maybe not for everyone and I have no research on this and he admittedly said it was new to him and they had just got it in so he can't really vouch for it's effectiveness either. 


Their number is:



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Great information Burke!

Raking compost over the lawn after aeration can be done as well. Thanks Burke!

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Water Lok

Google this. It looks like Gypsum and they use it worldwide. I met the guys who distribute it on a business trip years ago. I'm pretty sure this is the product. I had a sample but can't tell you the cost. 

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I just had someone aerate my

I just had someone aerate my front and back yard.  He did a good job and was under $100, about half of the next best bid I received.  His name is Doan and his phone number is 916-616-0573.

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