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There is a beautiful polished wood suggestion box in the RMA office. It is hidden behind the racks of pamphlet holders on the left hand side of the front reception counter. So many of the suggestions made here ....and more....could be dropped off in that box.  smiley

I just discovered we can add emoticons to our posts  yes     LOL

I have suggested that RMA expand their website to include more 'fresh' info.  Maybe put a camera in the reception area and then post online the 'Resident of the Month' for good or rude behavior.  How about a picture of "is this your child?" of the kids that come in to steal the candy jar.  Maybe we could have a live feed of some of the security cameras around RM....like the gazebo.    All things to ponder.....go ahead and talk amongst yourselves.  

Did you know......RMA has a LIBRARY for you.

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