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Disrespectful Residents

I have been wanting to write this for a long time but each time I came home from walking my dog, I would forget about it.  But today, my husband came home from walking our dog with dog poop on his shoes. Of course he didn't notice it until it was tracked into the house - on the floor and carpet.  If you walk along Puerto Drive and Rio Blanco Drive, you'll see more dog poop on the street and in the gutters than you'd see at a dog park.  What is with the folks who walk their dogs, either on leash or off, and fail to clean up their dog's waste?  How totally disrepcful of your neighbors and friends!  

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Disrespectful Residents - DOG POOP


     Although we do not have a dog, I read this recently in the Sacramento Bee and thought it was 

really interesting!!  





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Dog Poop

Since you brought this up.......

I have been wanting to put this out there for dog owners to consider.

Every day as I drive through our community, I see pet owners allowing their dogs to pee and poop on lawns and gardens.  I see them walking through flower beds and shrubs.  Even if, and some don't, they pick up the poop it is NOT OK.  

We love to work in our yard and don't appreciate the poop smears that are left behind as well as the burn marks from the urine.

Our dog is to old to go for walks but when she did we kept her out of peoples yards.  It is much easier to pick up pet waste from the pavement.


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