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Dump Wars Part 77

Hello and Happy Summer.  I am John Merchant.  Among other things, I am one of your two CPAC representatives....  Being one of those representatives, I "rated" a courtesy notice that the Sacramento Board of Supervisors will host a "workshop" on July 24 to discuss (what I think is the future) of the "buffer" land(s) around the Keifer Landfill.  This, in itself is OK.  The two folks I know on that board are really decent people....that would be Sue (Frost) and Don (Nottoli). Don helped us twenty years ago when we were concerned with the County proposal to turn Keifer Landfill into the tallest, man made structure in Sacramento County. Sue, new to county government,  seems genuinely concerned about us.  I hope your input on this issue will help me to engage them to help us. We go "on and on" about development in RM.  While development is of great importance, NOTHING going on here has the ability to impact your home value and quality of life MORE than the Keifer Landfill (I will let you think that one through on your own.....think ten year old nail polish remover, dead house pets, exotic smells, very large trucks....etc....)

Why am I concerned?  Well....it's the sponsor.  This meeting is brought to you by the "Department of Waste Management and Recycling".  These are the same folks who brought you the 175 foot tall "mountain of garbage", the "industrial recycling and mulching" project at Grant Line Road and  revenue streaming from non-county garbage. Garbage is big business.  Garbage means Sacramento County revenue.  Garbage at Keifer means only those of us in it's path suffer the noise, the truck traffic, the smell, the off-gassing and the continuing contamination of the unlined portion of the landfill. If you live in Natomas, we are, simply, the PERFECT location for this activity. As a Natomas resident, you will never HEAR it and you will never SMELL it.  I am looking for an equal guarantee for Rancho Murieta.  Right now, unfortunately, I smell a rat (or maybe it's jsut garbage).

Years ago, Sacramento County deemed it prudent to protect itself by "buying up" the ranch and agricultural land surrounding the dump. Legally, this was prudent, as the poison buried for most of the century was leaching and beginning to contaminate the surrounding area. Some of the land threatened was of significant historical value, including some of the land that grows all that corn you eat on the 4th of July.  Some of it has been in families who came here in wagons or who have ranched it for several generations. Now, it seems necessary to have a "workshop" to (perhaps) explore the potential of that land going forward,   Condos?  Rezoning? New dump-like revenue streams?  We have no idea. Hey. perhaps we could even lease more land  to grow more test "GMO" next to the land where Rancho Murieta's "Moms" buy there veggies. Can't be all bad.  More County revenue and way, way, far away from all those voters in the heart of the County. 

Sorry to be so cynical.  I am just disheartend by another "clandestine" meeting that does little or nothing to let our community know whats coming.  This is not at all consistent with "DWMR",  which means both Department of Waste Management and Recycling" and "Doing What Matters Responsibly".

Perhaps, at least, we have averted the ambush.  Do let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

While this meeting may reveal a host of good intentions, my 25 years of experience in "DUMP WARS" does not make me optimistic.  We are, after all, part of the County with lots of land and NO votes.........The perfect DUMPING GROUND.

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You have opened my eyes but for the momment I am speechless. surprise

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Good news!

John, I have some good news for you. 

The discussion at the board of supervisors next week is actually to determine if we should sign 10 year leases with farmers for agricultural purposes instead of 5 years.

Since we have no intention of developing that land right now, it's a waste of time and resources to renegotiate every 5 years. 

This should give more stability moving forward. 

Sue Frost
Sacramento County Supervisor, District 4

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