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Escuela Entrace to RM

I made three trips to Folsom the other day one of which I sat at Stonehouse and Hwy 16 waiting for traffice to clear and thought; it would be so convenient to just make a left at Escuela off stonehouse and Bam! I'd be home. This must have been the original thoughts years ago when the expensive gate, road and signs where constructed. So why hasnt it been activated? Yes, I know there has been discussion on the expense to man it with a 24hr guard or install a bar code reader which has complications but it seems to me with all the brillent minds we have out here we could come up with a solution. Another benifit would be less traffice on Murieta Park Way and less back up at time at Murieta Park Way and Hwy 16 Gate. Any one else out there feel the same? 

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I agree.   Especially if you

I agree.   Especially if you are trying to turn on Jackson between 5 and 6:30 pm on weekdays.  Sometimes you can wait forever before you see an opening where you have to smash down on your accelerator to make the turn before the next set of 60 cars comes by.

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