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ETC Concerts

Can someone please tell me who selects the bands for the ETC concerts?

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Contacting ETC

Cathy, they probably don't want a call today or tomorrow, but the ETC board officers lists their phone contacts at the ETC website:


  • President: Cheryl McElhany (916-690-2377)
  • Vice president: Mike Mann (916-747-7229)
  • Past president: Vickie Joyner (916-531-3544)
  • Secretary: Jane Rosetta (916-996-4438)
  • Treasurer: Mike Shamrock (916-284-8492)


  • Joanne Brandt
  • Sheryl Bray
  • Sue Delmore
  • Nic Haviland
  • Ron O'Connor
  • Andi Passmore
  • Cindy Shamrock
  • Randy Shepard
  • Stephanie Stanislaus
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