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Farewell Rancho Murieta

Farewell Rancho Murieta,

My home since 1994, I've seen a lot of changes how many of you remember when the baseball field was located at the future Raley's store will be?

Just a back stop couple wood benches dirt and weeds for a field.

If you could pick up a grounder and make a play your are good.

Little help of Mike Martel and people like Karen Hoberg family and friends we end up with Stone House Park. The field of dreams.

My hat off to all the citizens who help make Rancho what it is today.

RMA HOA over the years RMA board members come and go some made great changes some we agreed some not. All and all good job.

CSD security all they do for us Great Job.

CSD board members like RMA boards the good part they live in the community.

Yes the new front gate I have wanted a new one since around 2000. When are we going to get a new one? Got one.

The new development Carol Anderson Ward, John Sullivan, Mr Frank they have the best interest for the community. A vision and it would be better than having outsiders coming in and develop.

My 43 years career as Designer, Engineering and Construction, I know what having a vision is all about.

Trails at the north end of Rancho have a gate and parking lot, through that gate you have Deer Creek Hills 4000 acres we citizens voted that park in. Get involved with the county and work together and start making trails.

What no security? Just install a couple security cameras and some sensors. Walking trails and not a home insight.

That's my input take or leave it.

Again farewell, a great place to call home and to all of you and God Bless your families and our country.

Phil Neth

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