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Finding Joy in the Journey Bible Study

Looking for a local Bible Study group? If so this group is for you.  This group is made up of women from several churches and multi-denominations.  We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  Come join us as we study the book of Philippians.  The title of the study is Born for This - Finding Joy in the Journey.  You were born to experience peace, purpose, freedom, contentment, generosity, but often our lives are filled with anxiety, regret, guilt, and fear.  In this seven week study pastors Ray Johnston, Lincoln Brewster, Curt Harlow, Andrew McCourt and Bob Balian share insights from the book of Phillipians - a book that was written from prison and yet is focused on joy.  In the course of this study you will learn more about how you can find unity with others, connection with God, and unshakable joy no matter what your circumstances.  Let the book of Phillipians change your life because you were born for this.  If interested call  Felicia at (916) 690-6501 or email at fjlewis5@gmail.com.

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