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Fire erupts after fireworks show

Fire after fireworks

Matt McGuire shares this photo of a fire that erupted on Laguna Joaquin behind Carreta Lane immediately after the fireworks show.  Neighbors say the fire started in a tule patch by the side of the water.  By the time firefighters arrived, neighbors say, the fire had pretty much burned itself out.  One eyewitness says he saw bottle rockets being used in the area just before the fire.  Security Chief Greg Remson said the fire, which caused no damage to homes, was caused by kids with fireworks.  Just before midnight, Remson said the department was still responding to multiple complaints about fireworks.  He also reported a guest was arrested for DUI at Lake Clementia earlier in the day.

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emergency response

  This picture of the fire shows it as it was almost burned out.  At one point the flames rose 40 feet into the air.   Fortunately the fireworks that were being shot across the lake landed in the Pompas grass and not the dry shrubs under the nearby town house deck.  

The ability for emergency services to respond to a fire or medical emergency shoud be reviewed with this fire being a wake up call.  This fire happened as the crowd was breaking which hampered crews from getting to the fire.  Had this been a dwelling, it would have been fully engulfed before crews could have arrived there.    The fire department finally got a portable pump to the site.  

I cant quite figure out why people need bottle rockets after being treated to such a spectacular fireworks display.  With the common areas between houses as dry as they are its a recipe for disaster.     


Doug Lewis


Doug Lewis

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I was there

I was right next to where the fire started and we heard someone on the deck of one of the townhouses admit that he had flicked his cigarette, What was amazing to me is that there were a bunch of people on the decks and NOONE attempted to try to put the fire out with a hose. They all took pictures though with their cell phones. Our group was worried that the tree right next to where the fire was burning was going to catch on fire, but thank goodness the really high flames at the beginning came down. I totally agree that had the townhouse been on fire, it would have burned to the ground before the fire department could have gotten water on it.

Myrna Solomon

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