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First peek at The Backyard's sandwiches

There has been a lot of interest in The Backyard, the Murieta Plaza burgers/barbecue place opening soon where the Chinese restaurant used to be. As stated in window signs, The Backyard was doing training this week – and they also served food to invited guests as they worked with the servers and the kitchen. We weren't invited, but we know people who were, so here's a quick peek if you're interested. We're told the food was good. (These invitees paid for their meals, or as least the ones we know paid for their meals.)

First, the menu, which the diners were told is subject to change. But here's the menu they ordered from. (Click any image to enlarge it.)


And some dishes. Here's The Pub:

The Pub

The Brisket:


The Red, Hot and Blues:

Red, Hot and Blues

The BBQ Bacon:

The BBQ Bacon 

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Restaurant is open

The Backyard is open today. 

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Darn, I was hopeful that ribs would be on the menu. 

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