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We wanted to let all of Abby's friends know that we had to make the decision to let her go on Monday.  She was diagnosed with Lymphoma 18 months ago and underwent some chemo. She had a rough time with the chemo so we stopped it.  Abby went into remission and we really thought that it might be permanent.  Christmas week she started being picky with her food and we found that her lymph nodes had swollen up.  She went down hill very quickly.  Monday she developed a blood clot which caused her to loose use of her rear legs.  We took her back to our vet and after running her blood work he said her values were so bad he was surprised she was still going.  She was a tough girl and we were blessed to have the extra 18 months with her after her diagnosis.  She continued to run and play up until the last few days.

She loved her days with us at the Business Center.  She had visitors everyday who would stop in just to see her.  She was the mascot of Rancho Murieta Business Center, she took her job there very seriously.  She escaped our yard several times when we lived in RM, our landscapers would leave the gate open.  She became well aquainted with Security.  I think she used to escape just so she could ride in the Security car, she loved to ride in the car.  I think that's when we finally started bringing her to the Business Center with us, one too many calls from Security!

She was a wonderful dog and we had 10 great and memorable years with her. She was so sweet and gentle and did so many funny things.  She is now running free without pain.  I would not be surprised if she makes a visit to the Business Center, her old stomping grounds!  Greg, if you hear her collar jingle or you think you hear some gentle whining, it's Abby stopping in to say hello.

Rest in peace, our dear sweet girl, we miss you so much.

Lynda and Gytis

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