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What is "karma" and the other stats when I look at my profile!

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What's up with your karma?


RM.com karma measures the entirety of your good and bad deeds in life, and the sum, good and bad, determines your future.  So let's be nicer to RM.com, shall we?

OR: It's a feature of the site we haven't implemented.  It combines your fellow members' approval/disapproval ratings along with the number of times you post comments and rate others, and it creates a net total for each site member.  Members are then ranked.

Honestly, we don't know why it appears in the user profiles, possibly because we use part of the system -- the ability for members to give each other a thumb's up.  (The sum of those positive votes appears as your "Post rating" under your name with each comment.)  We used to allow a thumb's up or down, but some members used the feature in a grade-school way to pull the hair of a few people.

These miscreants are now suffering lives of bad karma, such is the power of RM.com.

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Give points

I always give points for posts I like or agree with.

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Beth, you and I have some high points for our Karma.....I'm hoping that's a good thing!!!!!!!!!!   :)

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Left Over Halloween Candy

Anyone know the person who collects the left over Halloween candy and sends to our service men and women over seas? If so call me on 916-390-1650.

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Left over candy

Please let me know too.  We had 5 kids and a big bag from Costco...

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Black Poodle lost on De La Cruz

A Standard Black Poodle ran out during candy distribution on De La Cruz. Her name is Lilly and if you see her or have her - please call 354-3832.

Jude Gaither

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Poodle has been found

I just check in and thank God the poodle has been found.  They are so thankful to everyone that called, gave sightings and also Security for helping find Lilly.  Happy Ending  :-)

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Left Over Halloween Candy

There is a website you can go to that has instructions for sending left over candy to our troops. It is called Operation Gratitude and there are several local Dentists that participate in this program. The website is www.operationgratitude.com. You need to send the candy by 11/15 and you send it to the local dentist .

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Troops LOVE your leftover candy!!!!

Troops will enjoy sweet treats while they protect our country overseas or recover in local hospitals. You can drop any leftover candy at 7335 Zancada Court or call/text 916-952-1772 for a pick-up!  Also, if you want to donate any other items that the troops enjoy, please click on the link to give you ideas: gently used cds (music and movies), pocket books, socks, snacks, etc. . My 4th grade students make the holiday cards that will accompany any donations. We will deliver any donations and cards on November 19th. http://www.defendersoffreedom-ca.us/carepkg.html

ps....If you and your family want to make cards, I will certainly get them delivered. Also, decorating any

pillowcases(fabric paint) with kid pictures is always a great  hit, too!


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