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Found?? Black and White Kitty

Lost kitty

There's a black and white long haired kitty with beautiful blue-green eyes - male, I think - who has been hanging around our deck here on Trinidad Court for the last several  days.  He has a very distinctive left ear - half black, half while split down the middle.   I don't remember seeing him in the neighborhood before and he's crying and crying like he's lost his best friend.  He looks in good shape - not beat up from a life on the streets - and seems out of his element.  I can't keep him (my cats are already freaked) and I don't want to take him to the SPCA if he belongs to someone.  I don't know if he has been abandoned or if his family went away for the holidays or ??, and he certainly seems like he doesn't know where home is, but outside isn't it.  He's extremely friendly and loves to be petted and cuddled.  He also seems like he has lived with other cats because my cats' attitude doesn't faze him; he just wants to be buddies with them.  If you recognize this guy or know his circumstances or want to adopt him if he keeps hanging around, can you please let me know at 3353 or knittingnut@sbcglobal.net?  I hate seeing him look so forlorn outside.

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Happy News

Hurray!  We got a call from Benny's owners this morning.  They had been gone on vacation and returned to find only one cat instead of two.   They live quite close by - within easy eyeshot - but apparently Benny followed their other cat over here, then got disoriented when the other cat went home without him.  We're so happy to see him back with his family!!  And his family is happy that he's back. too!

Many thanks to everyone who sent e-mails and called with possibilities.  What a great community!

I love happy endings


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