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Giants game missing on Greenfield....again

No Giants game again tonight on Greenfield. But you can get the A's on 2 channels.... Woo-Hoo! Isnt it time to dump these losers?

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NBC Sports Bay Area is televising Warriors playoff game


This is not Greenfield's fault.  NBC Sports Bay area is televising the Warriors playoff game on its main channel in lieu of the Giants game, which is what you get as part of the Greenfield Basic package, and Greenfield must abide by the restrictions imposed by NBC Sports Bay Area and DISH.   

I have DISH and the Giant's game is being televised on an alternate channel I had to hunt for and which I get only because I pay for the regional sports package.  (412-36 is the channel, btw.) So if you want to ensure you get every Giants game, then upgrade to a DISH package and buy the regional sports package.  Otherwise, you are subject to the whims of what Comcast wants to televise on its NBC Sports Bay Area package.

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Giants game

Bob, I didnt even have the warriors game, on basic? I contacted Greenfield, and they said it was their mistake that the Giants game wasnt being broadcast. But thanks for the heads up on the regional sports package...may have to do that.

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Sports games

Greenfield has been working with NBC Sports California and NBC Sports Bay Area because of changes in broadcasting to DISH from these channels. On the basic package, Giants and A's games should play as well as Kings games. Warriors games will only play on network broadcast unless you have an advanced sports package. Greenfield is waiting for confirmation letters from NBC Sports California & NBC Sports Bay Area & willl be sending something out to customers once the letters are received.

Joanne Brandt

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