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Not sure what I was thinking, but I wanted to see what was on Greenfields tonite........PROBLEM WITH SIGNAL was the 'answer' on 493,492,489, 487,486, 485, 483, 482, 481 and 480...  On 422, 421, 406, 405, 402, and 401 were just BLACK SCREENS......AND 14 other channels were cartoons and sales.  Any answers Greenfields?  and WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR AT $76.00 per month!!!?  Anybody else having issues?  RMA...feel free to respond to ALL.  thanks,  Rick Randall, 27 year resident...........

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We've had no real problems with the el-cheapo &53 mo nthly version. Weak signal was noted a few times but only for a very few seconds. All in all, compared to our prior DISH-TV payment, it's hard to get angry at Greenfield!

Bobbi Belton

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