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Greenfield Communications upgrade to fiber optics' Internet

I know many of my clients have upgraded to the new fiber line connecting them to the Internet. I can say this about the comments that I have received about the poor service that Greenfield has given to them and they are not happy with the service quality so far. I wish Greenfield would have been able to work out all the problems with the "Test homes on the north side" before stepping forward and offering internet service on the fiber optic's to anyone. Test your service before rolling it out and make sure it works properly. That's why you have the test homes on the north. Unfortunately, that did not happen and now we are having problems, sadly to say. For example, when the Email was taken over and many lost their accounts and messages. This was a bad decision and many lost their faith in the new take over and lack of communications that Greenfield has offered so far. I don't feel that anyone should suffer loss of service just because Greenfield did not get their act together prior to offering their service to the community. They had ample time to do this and they dropped the ball. I am only speaking of the "Internet service" and not the cable TV side since this is offered by Dish network for cable TV service for your television programming and anyone can choose if they want to go with dish or direct TV for their TV programming. Also, anyone can buy a digital TV antenna that can pick up all the local channels without paying a dime. "About 30 channels in all" Going forward, many of my clients have gone to other providers for their "Internet service" and they are very happy with that service. Soon? the old RMA cable service will go down and turned off forever and no one can go back and are forced to deal with a decision of who they want to be their Internet service provider and TV programmer? I have not switched to another Internet service provider since I am on the old RMA cable service, "Internet" Hopefully, Greenfield will get their act together and provide a much better Internet Service on the fiber line.

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Thanks Damon, for the info. We are still on the old system but with all the problems so far, I'm not sure we want to go with them when they switch over here....Greenfield has not performed as was promised and we are paying and suffering for the bad service.

Thanks RMA BOD for selling us out!!!!!

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Office Hours

If you or your customers are having a service issue we urge you to reach out to us at 888-230-0020, email us at support@egreenfield.com or use our online form at http://egreenfield.com/?page=contact to setup a callback convenient to you. Also, in addition, our Project Manager Ryan Waggaman will be available to answer any questions or concerns that Rancho Murieta customers might have on the following dates:

Nov. 5th - 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Nov. 12th - 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Nov. 18th - 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Ryan will have a temporary office setup in the HOA building for those who like some face to face communication. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and we continue to strive to go above and beyond for our customers.

Thank you,


– Greenfield Communications

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When Greenfield switches you over, your TV may not be compatible

Greenfield came out yesterday and switched my home over to the new fiber, and to Dish Network.  Unfortunately, one of my TVs appeared to lack the necessary "QAM" tuner to pick up the digital channels.  QAM is the format by which digital cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable television providers such as Dish.  While Greenfield sells a converter box, this particular TV is installed in a wall, and adding a "box" isn't feasible because there's nowhere to put in.  Before replacing this TV, which was a 2012 model, I got on the internet and searched for a solution.

As luck would have it, Westinghouse had embedded the software that offers QAM functionality, but for some reason chose to ship their TVs with it turned off and hidden.  So in just a few steps, I was able to find the QAM functionality on my TV and set it to "on."

If you have a fairly new TV that doesn't seem compatible, search online for a solution before running out to purchase a replacement.  You may find that your existing TV already has the necessary QAM software embedded.

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I love Greenfield fiber Internet!

I have had nothing but great service from Greenfield. Yes, I'm in RM South where the cabling, infrastructure and homes are newer and maybe a little more "ready" to receive 21st century communications abilities. I had VERY spotty cable Internet coverage when I was on RMA broadband. My Internet was constantly cutting out. I had RMA cable techs out to my house to work on these issues 3 or 4 times and nothing could ever be resolved. I was ecstatic to learn that fiber optic Internet was soon coming to Rancho Murieta. My whole family was counting down the days when we were told when our street was going to be worked on.

I've been on the fiber connection now for quite some time and have had zero problems. Thanks, Greenfield!

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Greenfield Internet Telephone Service

I was wondering how the Greefield telepone service is working out.   We have had the fiber internet  since mid summer and have had no problems....considering cancelling AT&T land line as hate paying $40-45/mo for a phone we don't use much but being "old" want a land line.

Any one with their internet phone plan have any advice????


Frank Pumilia


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Greenfield Internet Phone Service


I have this service and have had no issues after fiber was installed.  You just have to remember if your internet is down, then you have no land line.  I switched from AT&T and cut my monthly bill by 50%.  I have the 500 minutes per month plan.  All incoming and outgoing calls are counted and I rarely go over 250 minutes.

Hope that helps with your decision making.


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Home Phone

Hi Frank,

We use AT&T Wireless Home.  It's $20 a month, plus taxes, which works out to just under $25 a month.  (It works through the cell towers, but no texting, Internet, etc.)  I don't think there are any limits on how much use you have.  We had Vonage prior to that which worked through the Internet and we weren't happy with the connection and sound quality, especially for the price.  This was prior to the fiber Internet.  (The AT&T service doesn't work when the power goes out unless you have another source for the power.)  Although we haven't done it, you can actually bring the device with you if you're traveling.  Our previous phone number was able to be transferred.  (We don't have a 354 number.)  It's month-to-month and we didn't have to do a contract.  (We signed up at the AT&T store in Folsom.  We do have a cell phone plan with them, but can't remember if that affected anything or not.)  -Ron


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Home Phone

Thanks Phil and Ron

Sounds like Internet phone service can save $$$ if you can accept the possibility of downtime.

Since we hardly call out and most incoming are sales pitches ...... Seems like worth the risk.


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