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Greenfield Damages Liability

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 17, 18, 19, 2018. Greenfield massively tearing up street, Puerto Drive to approx. 1/2 mile north. Counted at least seven trenches someone cut diagonally across entire main street (additionally at cul de sacs) through the asphalt surface, measuring 5-6" width, 7-8" depth. Received no notice of this trenching, nor street closure that section, nor such posting during the work. As of COB Friday, all trenches were left open with no posted notices other than "bumps". Needless to say, those large open unattended trenches have caused damage to vehicle tires, suspension, and alignment. Who is liable for this gross negligence damage? Since Greenfield is under RMA contract, did RMA approve this trenching, and where's the oversight? Note Greenfield had trenched these exact same areas more than one year ago, and layed their fiber cable. So why do they need now to start over? They never restored our street to its original condition. And now they're digging larger trenches in the exact same areas. Guess we, the residents along Puerto will have to eat the devastating results again. IMO, Greenfield should never have been allowed the cable contract, since time and again they've proven they are a fly by night company, and don't know what they're doing. So who do I submit my vehicle damage claim to, RMA or Greenfield? And when will RMA come clean on this flawed Greenfield contract, dump them for breach, and get with a cable contractor who knows what they're doing?

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Reason for trench on Puerto

Seems this is the reason from the article that is in the main news feed dated May 17 for the RMA Meeting:

"Streets work on Puerto: The RMA board unanimously approved spending $414,911 for the community’s annual street resurfacing work, with almost all of it on Puerto Drive. “Two years ago we did a small overlay on a portion of Puerto Drive,” said Maintenance Manager Rod Hart. “We’ll pick up where we left off from there and go all the way to second Guadalupe.” Some of the parks along Puerto need overlays and some only need patching, he said, but all parks will be addressed. Greenfield Communications is trenching on Puerto Drive now to reinstall fiber in advance of the RMA’s street resurfacing there, Hart said."

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Yesterday my wife and I drove our cart up to Lake Calero using Puerto Drive.  We were surprised by the trenches, but we have seen them before.  However as we drove up the street we saw that there seemed to be no clean up by the crews, as rocks were all over the road, driveways, and sidewalks.  Additionally,  cement was used to fill in some of the trenches, yet the cement seemed to be dumped in and was not finished or tamped down to the actual level of the street.

I know that we must have work done on our streets.  However due to the condition of Puerto, warning  signs at the intersection of Puerto and Guadalupe, and at Lago/Puerto, should have been placed to tell drivers that this road should only be used for residents to and from their homes.

Tom Barentson

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Report to RMA about Puerto?

I have not been up on Puerto but for those who have and those who live there, I sure would suggest calling RMA to let them know !  WOW it does sound bad.

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Puerto's Trenches

Totally agree T. Hanson.  

Sure like they re-opened the same cuts they had last year to bury the fiber cables, only it is a bigger mess and looks like it was done by amateours.  There is tons of debris on my driveway from when they opened the tenches.  Here is to hoping they clean up the chunks of asphalt on my driveway.

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Greenfield Woes

Attn: RMA Director Chair Communications Committee: So after a windshield crack from the numerous debris left behind, and today's, Thursday's, complete cable outage on that section of Puerto, called Greenfield 888 230 0020 about 5:15 pm to ask "missing NBA playoff game tonight due to your cable cutting, when will it be restored?" Greenfield's Anthony Clark answers "(mockingly) ha ha (laughing), all a result of "Them (emphasis on them, meaning apparently non-Greenfield problem) doing street resurfacing. Let me check with our on-site technician, (long pause on hold). Tech tells me service won't be restored til' Friday". I ask,"how does RMA's later intended street resurfacing have anything to do with Greenfield's existing botched retrenching for fiber and cable outage? And why aren't Greenfield's folks now out there reconnecting the cable?" Anthony, again mockingly laughing "guess you don't like my answer, so (in effect) suck it up".

RMA Director Chair communications committee: You've heard this response many times before from RMA members re. Greenfield's unsatisfactory performance. Why are we still dealing with them after two years of unsatisfactory performance? Its not going to get better. Why not a lawsuit for breach of contract due to non-performance and get with a large Cable/communications corporation who has the resources and technical knowledge/skill to perform here? Greenfield is a fly by night small outfit who just wings it; we're owed better than that.

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Greenfield Puerto Dr Work

Greenfield installed approximately 5,000 feet of conduit in six days, including one day lost because of rain. To minimize inconvenience to residents, they were working 12 hour days to complete the conduit installation.  I made a point of driving by the work area to monitor the progress so I saw it at its worse and as it continually improved. 

The reason for the project was to install Greenfield’s conduit deep enough so that it would be safe from destruction when the RMA street resurfacing starts next month. This is a permanent fix and won’t need to be repeated. Greenfield is currently working on connecting the newly installed conduit.

While unexpected incidents can occur during the work, such as loss of cable, Greenfield continues to provide Rancho Murieta residents with very reasonable services for Internet, Cable and Telephone especially when purchased as a package.

Joanne Brandt

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Damage to vehicle

To follow up on your comment, had to pick up a friend on Puerto Wednesday.  I  woke up the next day with a flat tire. This is  classic vehicle 2002 corvette.  The verdict a cracked rear rim....hum only place it could have happened.  Now it’s a real problem, Chevy no longer makes this rim...




Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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