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Greenfield Problems

Has anyone changed from Greenfield Premium to America's Top 200 and experienced problems with the Sacramento Kings games being blacked out?   The games at Memphis and Clippers were blacked out on my guide. The next game on Wednesday, 30 Jan, Hawks at Kings on channel 453 is showing as blacked out.   Please respond if you are or are not blacked out on your guide.



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NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California on DISH


Both NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California have multiple "alternate" channels.  I don't have DISH anymore but when I did the "main" channel was broadcast in SD and the alternate channels have the HD broadcast.  Kings games were always broadcast in HD on the alternate channels.  According to the DISH Online Guide -- https://www.mydish.com/guide -- the Kings/Hawks game will be on channel 412-41.  If you have a Hopper, though, the channel number will be different.  I had a Hopper and you could click the sports app to find the channels for games that way - lots easier than trying to scroll through the guide. Hope that helps.


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Dish channel 453

To those that switched from Greenfield Premium to America’s Top 200 -  please go to channel 453 on your guide and scroll to the right to 30 January at 7 PM.  Is there a null symbol on the Hawks vs Kings game?  Click on the game and does it say not available for viewing in your area?  Please let me know.  We had no problems with viewing Kings games prior to the switch!

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