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Grocery Delivery Club

I am in the process of forming a Grocery Delivery Club for the residents of Rancho Murieta.  I will need to gather names, addresses, phone and e-mails (optional) to know if there is an interest.  Please reply to GDC, P.O. Box 516, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 or e-mail: captpat@ranchomurieta.org. I am not receiving compensation for organizing this club.  Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Groceries for the Elderly

You might consider talking to the Village's clubhouse manager Barb Vaith, there are many elderly that cannot shop anywhere except for the Plaza and that is also assuming they can get there by themselves and that they have the items they need.  I have been running shopping errands for an elderly friend on certain items she needs regularly.  Recently she went to the plaza wanting to buy some chicken broth, there was none to be found.  She also needed cat sand and the smaller size box was not available, she reinjured her back getting a heaver box.

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So nice! And more options..

What a ranchomurietaesque thing to do Patrick.  Very nice! Here are some more options:

Safeway delivers. Prescriptions too I hear.  I do know some young people who would like to help seniors with setting up their account and first delivery.


Amazon Pantry and Grocery


We get a fair amount of pet staples delivered regularly. I've also ordered: coffee, paper towels,         roasted red peppers.. they have everything from pasta to kitty litter. Well priced too but you do             have to keep an eye on autoship prices. 

Meals on Wheels. I just saw their van. Such a blessing and they serve the dual purpose of checking on well being. 

http://www.fiteats.com - Great healthy, fresh pre-made meals delivered to your door. No min. Low delivery charge. 

www.pillpack.com - All prescriptions and supplements pre portioned, labled and delivered. 

Thank you again Patrick! Please contact me if you'd like to round up some kids to help with setting up accounts etc.  nellie@hipentertainment.com



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