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Guy in a 2-door black Lexus taking pictures

Today on the way home, I had a 2 door black Lexus pull over on Keifer to let me past.  I was not tailgating or speeding...I assumed because he was in a sports car he needed to hit the speed bumps slower and was being polite to let me go.  

I didn't think twice until I pulled into the turn lane for Murieta and he pulled behind my car and took pics of my license plate and then next to me and took pictures of me through the side window.  He then turned right into the shopping area. 

This causes me a great deal of concern as I don't know why he did it...I didn't speed, I wasn't tailgating...had a safe distance and was using my blinker...Model driver (have a teenager and trying to make this a habit).

Please be aware - I have no idea why he took photos...but it creeped me out and I am pretty shaken.  I wish I had his info so I could contact Security.

Description of vehicle: Black Lexus later model 2 door car

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